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Motivated by exceeding expectations? Warehouse Workers needed for Salling Group Ishøj

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Adecco is searching for stabile and responsible employees for a long-term temporary staff job at Salling Group’s warehouse in Ishøj.

At Salling Group the company's language is English, which is why it is expected that you can speak it fluently.

There are two separate departments that you possibly would be assigned to, but the primary interested is in the Fruit and Vegetables department:

  • Fruit & Vegetables (Working hours from 12:00-20:00 – Monday-Sunday)
  • Colonial / Wine (Working hours from 06:15-13.00 Monday, 06.15-14.00 Tuesday + Wednesday, 06.15-16.15 Thursday, 06.00-14.45 Saturdays)

At Salling Group it is preferred that you have experience with the digitalized system Pick-By-Voice. If you haven't, it shouldn't prevent you from applying though. Please note that the average temperature in the Fruit and Vegetable department is approx. 5 degrees and the job tasks are physically demanding in both departments. We expect that you have a positive attitude and a strong work morale. You will receive training from the current staff and will be expected to work independently after your first day is finished, working together with another employee none-stop.

You will be working on the same terms as current employees at Salling Group in Ishøj. You will be working at Salling Group’s warehouse in Ishøj, but you will receive salary, holiday allowance and pension through Adecco. This means that you will be the ambassador and face representing both Adecco and Salling Group. We will invest in developing your competences in your daily work, which is why we are looking for employees who are flexible, available to work many hours on a weekly basis and who thrive in a result-oriented environment.

The jobs both have high expectancies, regarding the physical demand. They expect you to be packing 260 COLI/boxes an hour when you reach your end goal, the pick-by-voice system do not differentiate between the size or weight of the boxes you pack.

The job is to pick and pack, either Wine or Fruit & Vegetables, as previously mentioned you use Pick-by-voice, the system is called Lydia and it tells you where to go- how many boxes to pick, and where to go next. You use an electrical pallet jack and then you pick and pack. There is going to be assisting lifting tools to help you lift the biggest boxes of fruits, and suction cup tools to pack the wine boxes.

This is a long-term temporary staffing job, and if you have a driver’s license, and/or a forklift certificate there is a likely chance that you’ll be taken into consideration for permanently employment, but more important is that you can show stability, and reach the packing goal.
Industribuen 2, 2635 Ishøj, is the company address.
About you:

  • You communicate fluently in English
  • You thrive with routine determined job tasks.
  • You are ready for physical demanding work (very important to note)
  • You are flexible and ready within short notice.

What we can offer you:

  • Base salary of 148,55 DKK per hour, with potential add-ons settled through the collective agreement with HK.
  • Holiday Allowance is paid by Adecco.
  • 2-week salary payout basis (In even weeks)
  • Stable fulltime job opportunities either offering early hours, or midday/evening work hours to hopefully accommodate your needs.

Interested? We recommend all qualified candidates to apply for the job today. 


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Andreas Holm
Staffing Consultant

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