Warehouse Employee for Køge industrial area

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Are you looking for a warehouse job with a team consisting of people with various skillsets to get the job done?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Adecco Denmark is currently looking for suitable personnel who are stabile and responsible in their work ethic to join a warehouse team in Køge as a temporary staff member.

At our partners location in Køge English is mandatory. The warehouse consist of several major departments ranging from freezer goods, milk and meat, fruit and vegetable, colonial, spot and their terminal. Each department has a different set of starting and finishing work hours. This means we are looking for people who are available to get to Køge and be there at 07:00 AM and forward.

Assisting tools:

Some of the assisting tools and devices the different departments use may include:

  • El Hund (Electronically driven pallet jack)
  • Pick-By-Voice (Lydia) System
  • Digitalized packing stations/lines


It’s a clear advantage to have previous experience using the above mentioned tools, or a background within the shipping and logistics industry. You will receive training from our partner and continuously develop your own skills and competences through your journey with Adecco.

About you:

  • You communicate fluently in English.
  • You thrive with routine determined job tasks.
  • You are ready for physical demanding work.
  • You can get to Køge industrial area and be ready to work from 07:00 AM and forward

What we can offer you:

  • Opportunity to develop your own skills and competences through work experience and continuous training.
  • A result oriented work environment.
  • Independent work in a team where you are expected to manage your own routines and efficiency.
  • A permanent fulltime position in the company if you excel at the job tasks given to you, and perform above expectations.


The salary paid is ranging from 122,45 til 146,27 depending on which department you will be assigned to. Alongside with that there is a packing bonus if you pack a minimum amount of coli per hour ranging between 25 to 30 DKK. In rare occasion if you finish before you are done in specific departments you may be offered to empty a container for extra payment which is solely up to yourself if you wish to partake.


We recommend all qualified candidates to apply for the job today. If you have any questions for the job position please contact Onsite Recruitment Specialist Andreas Holm at 3838 1100 between 09:00-15:30. Interviews will be held fluidly throughout a longer period. We will contact you if we are interested.