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Would you like to work flexibly, as a Chef and avoid the late working days, then check it out now.

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Here at Adecco, we have canteens that open and start in the early morning hours. Most often, the working hours are between 06.00 and 16.00 and with the opportunity to work anywhere from 8 hours to 37 hours per week.

It's great when working hours are good, but it's also important that wages are good. With a competitive salary of DKK 170 per hour, it is also possible to make the hours after work exciting and fun, together with friends or family.

Can it get better? Yes. You get the opportunity to unleash your creativity and have to be able to take a stand and coordinate yourself around in the kitchen.

It is possible to work locally, but it is also possible to take a location that is further away. As we have several locations around in Denmark, it may well be possible to work in several parts of the country but still Adecco will be your primary employer.

What comes with the job.

- Salary: Minimum of DKK 170 kr. per hour

- Time with friends and family.

- Flexibility and new experience

- Agreement with holiday pay

Your qualifications.

- More than 2 years' work experience from the kitchen as an unskilled worker.

- Relevant education, such as cater or cook ex.

- Is happy, outgoing and ready to meet new people.

- Ready to jump in if shifts will occur.

Would you like to hear more?

You are always welcome to call Lasse Jensen on 3838 1250, should any questions arise in connection with your application for the position here. When applying for the job, you will be asked to answer a few questions. We first ask for a CV and possibly references later in the process.

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